50 Shades of Blue

50 Shades of Blue

      I love the color BLUE. And well, I just happen to be 50! So here’s a little sneak peek of my new SS ‘24 Collection aptly titled #50shadesofblue💙

      How do I come up with my collection names/inspiration? Funny you should ask!

      As a company & more importantly a person, I am trying my best to bring awareness to mental health issues. I firmly believe that it doesn’t matter how you look if you don’t SPARKLE FROM THE INSIDE. ✨

      So each season, I weave in a theme of self care into my overarching design concept. The expression “Feeling Blue” felt right to highlight for Spring/Summer ‘24. Some shade of the color usually finds its way into a designer’s color palette for these months of the year making it an easy choice.

      What does it mean to feel blue? Feeling Blue is an idiom that describes the experience of sadness, melancholy in response to grief, discouragement, disappointment, etc, etc, etc….and was first used as an expression in the late 1300s.

      The deeper I got into my research on this expression, the more I realized how many ways in which it is actually used. In fact, one might say there are “50 Shades” of it! And Jamie Dornan should be included in EVERY SINGLE WAY!! 😆 All kidding aside, life can be serious, but it should also be fun and everyone deserves to SPARKLE! ✨🌟✨💙💙💙